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Our philosophy -- Do what is right.

Our slogan – Lighting the world with “chips”.


Corporate Spirit

“Care, responsibility and confidence” and “willingness and innovation”: Modern science and technology proves that all can become excellent employees, but they must have good mentality. The excellent team starts from “hearts”. Mentality determines destiny. Everyone greatly experiences the importance of mentality. As employees for the Company, they must adjust their mentality in the manner of “care, responsibility and confidence” as well as “willingness and innovation” before they put themselves into positive work.


The first is to build the thanksgiving mentality: starting from thanking parents, thanking your company and boss, and thanking all your customers, and learning from Niu Gensheng, CEO of Mengniu Dairy;


The second is the improvement of the sense of responsibility. Churchill proves the significance of the sense of responsibility by “A lofty and great price is responsibility”. Therefore, it is required to learn how to assume responsibility, to put forward measures, to offer results, to be pragmatic and to be bold to assume responsibility;


The third is confidence. Man’s ideology is remarkable. As long as you are dedicated to a certain career, you are bound to achieve astonishing results.


The fourth is willingness. Once you do one thing, you always do one thing only in life starting from the very bottom level, and you will make success little by little. Man’s ideology is remarkable. As long as you focus on a certain career, and are involved into it positively, you will experience pleasure and pride, and you are bound to succeed.


The fifth is innovation. To face changes, the only way is to perform innovation. Innovation is neither anything casual nor unusual — The key lies in dedication. Innovation is not creation. Innovation means breaking conventions and taboos, more communication with nonprofessionals, trying new things, fantasy and self-indulgence. As modern construction becomes quicker and quicker, product updating and change in generations becomes more frequent. If an enterprise or company refuses to perform innovation, and becomes stubborn and stodgy, it will be very easy for others to catch up with and it will be probably eliminated.


Communication between people, learning from colleagues one another and teamwork is the key to our success in work. In our actual work in future, no matter what you do in any sector, and whichever post you work at, you can do nothing without coordination by your colleagues. As one drop of water can survive only in the sea. Now that coordination is necessary, there must be coordination. Only by mutual coordination and communication with and between different departments and colleagues as well as joint efforts can they increase work efficiency and make quicker progress.

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