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Dongguan Fortune Electronic Materials Co., Ltd is a state-owned enterprise under the MunicipalityofDongguanand hi-tech enterprise at the state level. It is also the supplier of integrated application solutions to LED road lighting, landscape lighting, commercial lighting, home lighting, solar energy, wind energy application, special lighting and other products as well as provider of excellent business modes....



Care, responsibility and confidence” and “willingness and innovation”: Modern science and technology proves that all can become excellent employees, but they must have good mentality. The excellent team starts from “hearts”. ...



As a scientific research partner to Shanghai Jiaotong University, Guangdong University of Technology and other higher education institutions, after construction for more than ten years, Fortune Electronic has made wonders in rapid development of business with the core philosophy of “doing right things”....



In 1996, as required by the nationalization of materials of color kinescope factory materials in Guangdong, it entered the field of CRT parts and components, and was quickly developed into the then largest scale in China....



It entered the field of CRT parts and components, and quickly developed itself into the PCM manufacturer and DY parts and components manufacturer on the largest scale in China, with the most complete varieties....

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