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Since its establishment in 1993, after ten years of development and accumulation, Fortune Company has gradually formed its own culture, namely, “doing the right things”. This has been a solid point of view in everybody’s mind. Moreover, this point of view will in turn restrict everybody’s behaviors, and has gradually formed all rules, regulations and codes of conduct, etc.


Corporate culture is people-oriented, advocating “mutual development of individuals and the enterprise” so as to build a harmonious atmosphere of unity and mutual care in the enterprise to enhance teamwork awareness, so that there is a strong cohesion between the enterprise and employees. Mutual value forms a common goal and ideal, and the enterprise recognizes and respects for employees’ personal interests, and shares benefits brought to the enterprise with employees. The employees regard the enterprise as one destiny community, and regard their own work as one of the most important part for the attainment of the common goal. There is harmony and uniform entirety all over the enterprise. Now, “It is my honor if the factory is prosperous and my shame if the factory falls into decline” becomes the sincere feeling of employees from their bottoms of hearts. “Love the factory as home” becomes the actual move of employees.


Leaders of the Company care for work and life of employees, and often organize a variety of colorful activities. With such a care, plus a common value, every employee feels their existence and value of behavior. The achievement of self-worth is one kind of satisfaction of the highest spiritual demand. This satisfaction will form great encouragement, and will boost rapid and health development of the Company. We believe that with increasing development and growth of the enterprise, our employees will generate intense sense of honor and sense of pride. Everybody will work still harder, and will maintain honor and image of the enterprise with their actual performance.



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