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The key scientific and technological special project undertaken by this Company succeeded in passing acceptance
| Date:2013-5-9 16:40:24    View:309

On 9 May 2013, the Science and Technology Bureau of Dongguan Municipality organized and held the meeting for the authentication of technical results and project acceptance with regard to the project of “high light efficiency GaN-based high power LED chips” in the key special project of Dongguan in 2009 undertaken and completed by Dongguan Fortune Electronic Material Co., Ltd (hereinafter referred to as “Fortune Electronic”). The meeting was held in the conference room of Fortune Electronic Company, with leaders from the municipal Bureau of Finance, Bureau of Economic Information, Bureau of Development and Reform, Trade Organization, and Computer Center, industrial experts and Wang Yuegeng, general manager of Fortune Electronic Company , Wang Weiyun, vice general managers, et al attending the meeting.


Key special projects in Dongguan mainly aim to foster new growth points, to speed up industrial structure transformation and upgrading and to lead the rapid and steady development of the economic society by boosting the implementation of key projects that will obviously drive industries. The project of “high light efficiency GaN-based LED chip manufacturing key technical research and industrialization” undertaken by Fortune Electronic is the solution to key technologies using GaN-based blue light high power chip designs in the lighting of the LED industrial chain, has established the base for the research, development and production of high light efficiency GaN-based LED high power chips, has driven the rapid development of the LED industry, and is of positive significance to the promotion of the establishment and improvement of the green lighting industrial system of Dongguan, so that the semiconductor  lighting technologies and industries in Dongguan will continue to maintain an important position in China.

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